Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twenty-twelve, or: How You Learned All the Things You Didn't Need to Know about Tanky

Hello, lovely readers.  I'm sure you're used to, by now, me flitting in to apologize for my incredibly irregular posts and then have nothing new ever.  I am a little disappointed, but sometimes life wins.

I thought I'd fill you all in on some of the things that have kept me from blogging (and my internet life in general), without being TMI and not sounding like a whiny brat.  Here goes nothin'.

In the last year and a half, I:
-moved four times (five next week)
-added an additional teaching licensure and 25+ credit hours to my already insane 146 hour minimum for my teaching degree.  However, I will be both a history/geography/government and ESL/ENL/EAL teacher by this time next year.
-lost my beloved grandpa
-lost my childhood home and my parents split, and been separated from my dog
-began a job I usually enjoy, but lately it's been more stress than fun
-have not managed to stop biting my nails or lose a single pound, nor paid a single dime to my student loans yet
-on a good note, found my lovely boyfriend, and we've been together for that whole year and a half

I took 15 credits spread out over this summer.  I'm supposed to be completing one last unit plan for my summer session right now, and starting tomorrow I'll have a two week break from classes.  My counter starts another presale for GWP on Monday, and gift runs through the first two weeks of fall classes, a whopping 21 credits.

As I said, I'm moving again next week, and hopefully that will work out to be my best situation yet (some of you are familiar with some of my roommate stories).  I hopefully will carve out time to perfect my organization, as I finally will have space all to myself and not be shoved in my bedroom.  I'm sure I'll be asking for suggestions!

I'm going back and forth with the "purge bug".  I know I'm hanging onto some of my makeup items, despite not using them/having dupes/not wearing much makeup in general lately.  On the other hand, I have a drawer full of products that I meant to either swatch or reswatch/photograph that I won't get rid of yet.  Also, I like my stuff.  Moving so frequently encourages me getting rid of things, but my inner hoarder is holding on tight.  I'm sure that will right itself as things settle down a bit.  I wouldn't call my last blogsale a huge success, so I may or may not try one again.

I do want to keep up, or I guess restart, the blog.  I will have great natural light at my new place, so I won't have to take a bag of products, plus wipes, camera, camera cord, white paper background, and paperweights outside to some public flat surface to get decent pictures.  I am kind of bummed about the quality of all the pictures on the site, as I've usually been making due with a point-and-shoot and outdoor light.  Given time (and, to be honest, enough traffic/interest) I'd retake them all.  I do have an impulse problem when it comes to waiting to photograph things before using; the Revlon balm stains, for example, were all tested before I could make time to go take clean, crisp product shots a la Temptalia or Cafe Makeup.  I hope that my impatience and "homespun" photos adds to the feel that I was going for here--I'm just a broke as sin, college student twentysomething excited to share what I can.  I don't have exclusives; anything I've tried to post about product/collection launches would have been posted so woefully late I didn't dare anymore; anything I do have in advance is the brand I work for, and let's be honest, you all would know if I had the scoop on one brand and not any other.  I'm not my brand's blogger (they have someone much more "famous" for that) and to be fair, if I was posting only about exclusives from the site I would like to be paid a little more, please.

So, I guess this was the State of the Tanky.  Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things and catch up.  I'm not kidding about that drawer full of products I justified "for the blog" and never posted.  As always, I really appreciate the support you've all given me, before, now, and in the future.

How are you all doing, friends?

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