Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm frizzy and I know it

This commerical really, really annoys me.

You have to click, unfortunately, because the only YouTube one is in Dutch.

I have many problems with this, many of which have surely been voiced on hair boards the Internet over.  Let's percolate on this for a moment.

"What can you do with curly, frizzy hair?  Make it go away."

Just for fun, and because I'm (irrationally?) mad at this specific commercial, I'm going to take the opportunity to say this:


I have struggled with my hair my whole life.  I have hated it for years.  YEARS.  I have hot combed, gelled, hairsprayed, clipped, bobby pinned, cut, flatironed, curled, pulled, and tucked stray frizz.  I have obsessed about bumps in my ponytail, complained about crumpled curls, cried as my mom tried to detangle, and tried a lot of different care methods.  Curly Girl?  Too dirty.  Daily flatironing?  Dear lord, I can't even.  Short hair?  Oh, honey, no.  I can't seem to find a system that works with the time and budget I have.

But, seriously, what is so wrong with my curls?  I like being curly.  My nieces and nephews get a kick out of "boinging" my hair.  My hair is a little crazy, but so am I.  Yet every single time, without fail, that I spend the two hours straightening my hair, I'm swimming in compliments.  Never is that the case when I wear my hair curly.  I once had a mentor teacher tell me that I either need to straighten my hair or wear it up, because my big hair was unprofessional.  Even still, it's taken me nearly two decades to learn to like my hair.  Why is my hair wrong?  Why is it "wild"?  Why is it not good enough?

As a little celebration, here's some funny photos.

The frizz--told you so.  I'm still rocking it, though!

Second day after wash. Still decent.

This is a really good hair day.

What my hair normally looks like:

And here is what it looks like straight:

I come by my hair honestly, at least:

Long story short: I have started to love my hair, frizz and all.  John Frieda and his 3 day straight can suck it.

Love, B

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  1. Amen!

    I'm fairly certain at this point my hair can't NOT be frizzy, even when straight. And straightening all this hair every day is definitely not an option. And I totally agree about the short hair...any time my hair is cut shoulder-length or above, it looks like a triangle. Gross.

    I think most of us (curly or not) have issues with our hair at one point or another.